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[:en]Kouas Khoubaib[:ar]المدرب كواس خبيب[:]

Graphics design

[:en]I’m a graphics designer & filmmaker[:ar]Before engineering, I developed and implemented CI (Continuous Improvement) management systems in companies across America in various industries to include a military finance organization.[:]

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Leonardo Bonucci


Having years of Industry experience, he works on many project and at present he is providing Consultancy for many renowned IT companies.

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Cindy Chow

Karate & Sambo

She is a passionate hardcore Java Professional and like to teach technology that relates to Java. Since 2010 she tuned to Android because of its Open Source.

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Peter Parker

IT Expert

My PLC / HMI experience includes projects from $10k up to about $40m, primarily within the realm of chemical processing and filtration.

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Rebeca Adams

Project manager

This belief comes from my unyielding faith in the decency and generosity of the American people. And in the weeks ahead, I look forward to debating them.

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Arthur Springs

Design conceptor

From a mechanical perspective, I’ve designed most of the same systems I program. My competencies in this area include full design, 3D modeling and drafting of assembly.

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Brad Beerstein


My background includes industrial automation and mechanical design. By degree, I’m an MBA, however after a few years on the road full-time as a management consultant.

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Michael Windzor

Front-end dev

Michael Windzor has been teaching students and professional of over past 10+ years, through his workshop he trained up to 25,000+ Android and Java students and Professionals globally.

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